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Sue Board

Encaustic means to “burn in” and the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians used pots of hot, dyed wax and wooden brushes to paint their icons on wood.  You may have seen examples of this if you have been on holiday to those countries.

Today Encaustic Painting is a modern form of the old art and Sue use heat tools such as an iron, a soldering tool with different heads and a hot air gun.  Dyed beeswax is still used and this now comes in blocks.

It is a very versatile art form and you can create landscapes or abstracts with some magical effects.  This is achieved by melting and blending the wax directly on the iron and “painting” with the iron on non-porous paper, card or painted board.  A complete landscape can be created using nothing but the iron (base, edge and tip).

Sue first discovered this art over 25 years ago when she attended a one day workshop in Buckinghamshire.  Since then she has taken part in Bucks Open Studios and is now a member of Dorset Arts and Crafts Association.